Westgate Bridge 
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The World’s Best Bridge Deck Waterproofing Membrane.

In mid 2015 Equus Armac were contacted by Vic Roads to present a waterproofing solution for a 2,000m2 section of Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge that was in need of repair.
Equus Armac, together with The Parkinson Group, who were the main contractors for the project and Poly-Tech Industrial Services, the Equus Armac approved applicator, commenced works on the 27th of December, with a 10 day application schedule. After only 4 days (and fortuitously right on New Years Eve) the works were completed much to the delight of all concerned, due to it’s ease of application and fast cure times. Combined with it’s excellent waterproofing properties, very high impact and puncture resistance and it’s ability to withstand stress and movements in the substrate, the Armac Matacryl WPM System proves yet again that it is indeed The World’s Best Bridge Deck Waterproofing System.

 Project Type: Bridge Deck Waterproofing (Refurbishment)
 System: Armac Matacryl WPM System
 Product(s): Matacryl Primer CM
Matacryl Manual
Matacryl STC 
Quartz Sand 0.3 – 0.7mm
Quartz 2.0 – 3.5mm
 Project Size: 2,000m2
 Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria
 Applicator: Poly-Tech Industrial Services
Completion Date: 2016


Shot blaster prepares the
metal bridge deck
Priming the substrate Application of the
sand-seeded Matacryl
Primer CM
Primed substrate ready
for application of
Matacryl Manual
Project in different stages
of completion
Application of the
Matacryl Manual
waterproofing layer
Installed Matacryl Manual, ready for top coating Application of Matacryl
STC Topcoat
Application of Matacryl
STC Topcoat broadcast
with quartz
Completed Project